Can Computer Replace The Doctors

Can Computer Replace The Doctors?

The most interesting argument that has been going around for quite some time is whether computers can replace doctors? There have been many different viewpoints by the people across the world. Some believe that gradually computers will replace general physicians and some believe maybe the specialists will be replaced.

Even if we see the current scenario many of us search the therev online and research on our own about any disease even before making an appointment of the doctor sometimes. The easy availability of the information attracts us to the internet web search. But some may argue that this is not a good practice as there are various diseases which have same symptoms and only a meeting with doctor face to face can confirm about the true illness and the treatment for the same. Computers play an important role when medical field is concerned.The Open Office Doesn't Have to be the End of Privacy - Delight Office

Role of computer in today’s medical line

If we see today’s scenario computers are already deep rooted in the medical field. The various advancements that happened over time which are quite noticeable are:

  • First surgery that happened with the help of a robot was done in 1985, since then it has been quite popular.
  • The popular surgery system is da Vinci Surgical System. In it there is three dimensional cameras which a surgeon can see from a screen, robotic arms are used to hold the instruments inside the patient’s body. It mimics the surgeon’s hand movements in smaller range inside the patient’s body so that the surgery can be done with smaller incisions.
  • First all robot surgery happened in the year 2010 when doctor just pressed the buttons but was not handling the instruments.
  • Computers are also being used to diagnose the illness. A common cervical cancer test that a woman undergoes every year, in this test slides are mostly checked by automated processes. It has great accuracy and is capable of detecting pre-cancerous lesions beforehand.
  • Watson an IBM AI computer can also diagnose. It uses its suggestion-based learning and language competences to get a demand from the doctor and then extract the most latest medical data to decipher a treatment.

So even we can see computers or robots are making things easier and precise for the doctors. With further advancement of technology and more human like robots available the future of medical science can change drastically in


We can never come to a decision whether computers can replace the doctors or not as there would always be need of feeling cared and getting connected to the doctor or physician which makes us at ease and helps with our treatment. You may argue that not every doctor is compassionate to talk to and we are going for treatment and not making friends but the need to connect is what makes us human. So there may come a time when we may be able connect to human like robots, which can make us feel comfortable and can be compassionate to talk to.



How to understand if the software in an online casino is licensed or fake?

This is a matter of great regret but our world has become very spoiled by many types of scammers. The real problem is particular is not so much with the mmc996 malaysia online casinos but the games they offer. The problem with fake software is a serious and main threat to fair play with guaranteed wins. It is very important to keep in mind that if there is a way to distinguish the original online pokies from the fake ones, what should you look for?

Casino based on official certified software online casino with game licenses from official courts primarily uses only original products from game content providers. If there is a certain institution that has a license, the gamer can be sure of the reliability of the games provided. Random number generators are often tested and this is especially verified by independent international organizations. Such an organization controls the providers of online casino owners so that they do not exhibit any manipulation to make changes within the principles of RNG operation.

Gambling establishments cannot replace RTP primarily because the original machines are located on the manufacturer’s server. Therefore only one manufacturer’s device is presented in different portals and they do not vary. Fake simulators are so diverse that you will not be able to detect that they have the same name, which they see only from the picture.

  • Script-based casinos

Gambling platforms with counterfeit pokey games cannot be licensed from any reputable organization providing such documents. Unlike real slot machines, fake pokies are not regulated by any international organization. Websites that have not been licensed specifically always resort to scripting and this is an indication that the game on such sites is fake. Results in fake slots online not by licensed RNG, the contrast is determined by the owners of online gambling clubs. This is how casino games as they wish and this fake game is not primarily accessible from the developer’s servers and is not associated with the integrated jackpot structure.

  • Check out slot and other casino games

You can use many tricks to verify the authenticity of the machine and you can find out many things like server and source code. The first clue is the difference, especially in the rules of original games. This hint may be obvious for machines you are played with before and is sure of their originality. The second signal under it is poor graphics and most modern online slot machines are technical. Even old-school pokies with retro graphics need to keep the overall animations crisp and well-defined. The third clue is the location of the server.

You will be able to see the address of the server in particular. Each of the software developers has its own server and helps to understand the names of these servers whether they are unique or just fraudulent scripts created by the casino owners. If you do not specifically use flash, you can always check the source code of the site.


What should not be missing in every good Yacht Club?

The Nautical Club as such have survived the period of crisis from which we are recovering, and it is even worth noting that it plays a fundamental role in both the economic and tourist development of the towns where they are located, so … They will have done something right, don’t you think? Currently, they manage around 55,000 moorings and have generated more than 3,000 direct jobs.

Sports essence of the Nautical Club

One of the recent conclusions of the III Nautical Club Symposium, made up of more than 100 professionals in the sector, is that “sport is the differential value of nautical clubs.”

Member orientation service

This service to members can be understood in many ways. In this case, an adequate and knowledge of the subject and all aspects related to the world of sailing by the club staff can be beneficial to solve doubts to the members about suitable fabrics and canvases for each type of boat, which glues or cleaners are suitable for each situation, etc.

Sports equipment for nautical activities

The vast majority of the Nautical Clubs in Spain have sports equipment for nautical activities such as sailing, canoeing, rowing, fishing and diving, and even fun water activities with a section of inflatable accessories.

Safety and rescue equipment

A surveillance body is usually normal in ports, but clubs also have to have their safety and rescue equipment such as lifebuoys and jackets. Likewise, inflatable accessories such as buoys for beacons and even floating buoys for boats or sunken loads are things that should not be missing.

Exclusivity for its members

Today this aspect must be taken into account if all the club members are to be kept happy. How to do it?. This is a question that many Nautical Clubs ask themselves, and the answer depends on the members’ needs and demands. Some of the most prestigious clubs integrate a gym, swimming pools, or leisure areas into their facilities, while others offer their members a shopping service in their Nautical Store. But without a doubt, you have to generate value in one way or another.

The Bottom Line

If you live in a coastal city or on a major river or lake bank, there is probably at least one yacht club. Talk to local sailing stores, look online, and go to club-sponsored races, if you can. Try to feel the environment.

Casual or not, a measure of exclusivity can prevail among the oldest and most prestigious venues. Remember that membership often comes down to who you know and that depending on the club, it might take a while to gain membership.

You don’t have to join a club to surf, of course. But it can be fun to find other people who share your passion.

Finding The Right Yacht Club: A Quick Guide

You have just joined the navigation suite. Perhaps you are renting a beauty to get a taste of life on the high seas, or perhaps you have successfully figured out how to buy your first Super Yacht. Whatever your reason, it makes you curious about other services and aspects of the nautical world, particularly the yacht clubs.

How yacht clubs work

A yacht club (also called a sailing club) is not like a boat club where you pay a monthly fee to use one of the club’s boats during the month (although some have boats for rent). Some cater to high net worth individuals, while others cater to a broader range of boat owners. Some are largely for people who compete, while others have a more country club feel. “The term ‘yacht club’ is probably out of date, confesses Sandy Curtiss, a board member of the Chicago Yacht Club, to which he has been a member for 31 years. The yacht club or yacht club is probably more appropriate. Members must have sufficient disposable income to support the hobby, but many upper-middle-class workers are not very wealthy.

Kim Stuart, a veteran sailor who has served on the boards of the leading yacht clubs, notes that “some clubs, like the New York Yacht Club or St Francis Yacht Club, are very exclusive and may need a jacket to dine in the dining room formal, they refuse to allow men to wear hats inside the building, and so on. Most of these clubs also have informal areas. Usually, the changing room, which may have a sauna, weight room, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. available, depending on how well funded they are. Other clubs, such as the Berkeley Yacht Club, the Kona Sailing Club, or the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, are located in smaller, older facilities.

Why join?

Stuart gives five reasons why people can join yacht clubs.

  • The possibility of obtaining a canister on-site or dry storage
  • US navigation is the ability to compete under a bourgeois sanctioned (a flag is denoting membership in a club). Membership in a qualified club is required for national or international competitions in higher-level races.
  • Access to facilities such as a dining room, an exercise room, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Access to junior programs for children. Programs sometimes have a free or reduced-price that is not available to non-members.
  • Access to organized cruises and other planned activities.

Then there is the social component. Often yacht clubs host parties and gatherings exclusively for their members, networking cocktails, or sailing-related events.