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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11SR-1-4

USCGAUX Diversity Vision Statement

As a volunteer organization, the Auxiliary has its own uniqueness. Our members serve in communities throughout the country; come from different social, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds, yet join together to contribute their time and talents toward the common cause of recreational boating safety. We will recognize our diversity and remove all barriers, real or perceived, so that our current and potential members will feel an increased pride and honor in their membership.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary will:

  • HONOR the members' desire for training and meaningful involvement, so that we can enhance the Coast Guard's capabilities and promote safety in the boating community.

  • RESPECT the volunteer nature of our organization and its unique attributes, which enable us to fulfill our role as an integral part of Team Coast Guard.

  • RECOGNIZE and encourage DEVOTION TO DUTY, while understanding the diversity of our volunteers and their varying abilities to give of their time.

  • PROVIDE our current and potential members with a positive environment that will promote membership in all segments of our population, enhance their opportunities to serve and increase their desire to remain as long term contributing members.

  • FULFILL our missions, provide adequate resources to our membership and inspire pride in the Auxiliary. This will enable JOB ONE to expand our membership diversity and strengthen our ability to be Semper Paratus.



This philosophy is fully endorsed by Flotilla 1-4


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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 11S-1-4 San Diego, California