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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11SR-1-4

Member Training

Search and Rescue Training

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Martin



The Auxiliary saves the Coast Guard many hours and dollars by verifying the location, condition, and operation of Aids to Navigation (ATONs) each year. Verifiers complete an eight hour District level course of instruction to learn what to observe and how to report their findings, and must verify a minimum number of ATONs each year to retain their qualification.


Bill Dabbs mentoring Don Bomar
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Bill Dabbs mentoring Don Bomar (Fl 11): navigation exercise.
Don was presented a scenario and had to plot a course, determining distance and timing at a specific speed.
We tied up at SSD while he did his planning, then had dinner and continued with the underway exercise after sunset.

Aids to Navigation Verification

Photo Courtesy of Bill Andersen

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Tom Wilson completes his qualification requirements
by verifying Privately Owned Aids to Navigation (PATONs) on a night patrol aboard the Flotilla's OPFAC Family Boat


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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 11S-1-4 San Diego, California