The Nautical Club as such have survived the period of crisis from which we are recovering, and it is even worth noting that it plays a fundamental role in both the economic and tourist development of the towns where they are located, so … They will have done something right, don’t you think? Currently, they manage around 55,000 moorings and have generated more than 3,000 direct jobs.

Sports essence of the Nautical Club

One of the recent conclusions of the III Nautical Club Symposium, made up of more than 100 professionals in the sector, is that “sport is the differential value of nautical clubs.”

Member orientation service

This service to members can be understood in many ways. In this case, an adequate and knowledge of the subject and all aspects related to the world of sailing by the club staff can be beneficial to solve doubts to the members about suitable fabrics and canvases for each type of boat, which glues or cleaners are suitable for each situation, etc.

Sports equipment for nautical activities

The vast majority of the Nautical Clubs in Spain have sports equipment for nautical activities such as sailing, canoeing, rowing, fishing and diving, and even fun water activities with a section of inflatable accessories.

Safety and rescue equipment

A surveillance body is usually normal in ports, but clubs also have to have their safety and rescue equipment such as lifebuoys and jackets. Likewise, inflatable accessories such as buoys for beacons and even floating buoys for boats or sunken loads are things that should not be missing.

Exclusivity for its members

Today this aspect must be taken into account if all the club members are to be kept happy. How to do it?. This is a question that many Nautical Clubs ask themselves, and the answer depends on the members’ needs and demands. Some of the most prestigious clubs integrate a gym, swimming pools, or leisure areas into their facilities, while others offer their members a shopping service in their Nautical Store. But without a doubt, you have to generate value in one way or another.

The Bottom Line

If you live in a coastal city or on a major river or lake bank, there is probably at least one yacht club. Talk to local sailing stores, look online, and go to club-sponsored races, if you can. Try to feel the environment.

Casual or not, a measure of exclusivity can prevail among the oldest and most prestigious venues. Remember that membership often comes down to who you know and that depending on the club, it might take a while to gain membership.

You don’t have to join a club to surf, of course. But it can be fun to find other people who share your passion.